1. Types of copper: red copper, brass, bronze and white copper.
2, red copper, also known as red copper, copper is simple, because its color is purplish red and named. Copper because of its rose red, the surface of the formation of oxide film is purple, so it is generally called copper. It is copper containing a certain amount of oxygen, so it is also called oxygen-containing copper.
3, brass is composed of copper and zinc alloy, composed of copper and zinc brass is called ordinary brass, if it is composed of more than two kinds of elements of a variety of alloy is called special brass. Brass has strong wear resistance, brass is often used in the manufacture of valves, water pipes, air conditioning inside and outside connecting pipes and radiators.
4, bronze is the earliest alloy in the history of metal smelting, in pure copper (red copper) tin or lead alloy, has special importance and historical significance, compared with pure copper (red copper), bronze has high strength and low melting point (25% of tin smelting bronze, melting point will be reduced to 800℃. The melting point of pure copper (copper) is 1083°C). Bronze has good casting ability, abrasion resistance and chemical stability.
5, white copper is nickel as the main element of the copper base alloy, silver white, metallic luster, so the name of white copper. Copper and nickel can be dissolved indefinitely with each other, thus forming a continuous solid solution, that is, no matter how much proportion of each other, but always a- single phase alloy. When nickel is melted into red copper above 16%, the resulting alloy becomes as white as silver. The higher the nickel content, the whiter it becomes. The nickel content of white copper is generally 25%.

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